Diy Party Games To Complement Your Bouncy Castle Hire

Posted By: Cambridge Bouncy Castles | Posted Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024

When you hire a bouncy castle, keep the excitement going with some fun games! When guests are waiting for their turn on the bouncy castle,  DIY party games are simple to set up and perfect for maintaining high energy and engagement.

Here are some easy and enjoyable DIY party games that perfectly complement any bouncy castle hire:

  1. Balloon Pop Relay
    Create a thrilling relay race where teams must pop balloons! Set up a course with a start and finish line, and watch as each attendee tries to pop the balloons along the way as quickly as possible. It’s a lively game that complements the dynamic fun of a bouncy castle.

  2. Hula Hoop 'Lasso' Toss
    Spread several hula hoops on the ground, assigning different point values to each. Players toss soft rings or bean bags, aiming to land them in the hoops. This game is fantastic for children of all ages and pairs well with the physical activity of inflatable slides and other bouncy party equipment. 

  3. Treasure Hunt
    Organise a treasure hunt with clues that lead around your event space, with each clue pointing towards the next. Include small prizes or treats at the final destination. This activity is a wonderful adventure that adds a layer of excitement to any soft play or garden game setup.

  4. Sack Race
    Host a sack race in a safe, open area, using sacks or large pillowcases. This traditional game is a hit at any event and works well alongside more structured activities like those found in our assault courses.

  5. Pin the Tail
    Customise "Pin the Tail" to match your party theme. Whether it’s a superhero mask or a unicorn horn, this classic game is easily tailored to complement your chosen bouncy castle theme, making it a versatile choice for any party.

  6. Obstacle Course
    Use everyday items to create an engaging obstacle course. Include challenges that might involve jumping, crawling, or balancing, mimicking the fun challenges of an assault course, but on a smaller scale suitable for younger guests.

  7. Freeze Dance
    Incorporate a game of freeze dance, where kids must stop moving when the music stops. It’s a fantastic way to keep the party lively and works well in rotation with jumping on a bouncy castle, keeping all the children engaged and active throughout the event.

These DIY games  enhance the fun of your bouncy castle and ensure that your event is packed with a variety of entertaining options. By integrating these simple games, you guarantee that every moment of your party is filled with joy and activity. Check out our full range of options and plan your event with confidence by visiting our contact page for more details and bookings.

Diy Party Games To Complement Your Bouncy Castle Hire